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Goaltending Sessions

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Goalie Sessions will help the goaltenders become as efficient as possible regarding all physical skills and movements. Develop drills to emphasize and isolate those skills. Ensure goaltenders are equally strong to their right as to their left. Goaltenders must be as versatile and agile when moving forward, backward and laterally as when in a stationary position. Be able to execute save selections not only stationary, but while moving forward, backward and laterally.

• Butterfly Saves • Poke Check • Breakaways
• Glove / Blocker / Stick Saves • T Push • Puck Control
• Inside / Outside Angle • Sweep Checks • Net Play
• Deflecting Passes  

Power Skating Sessions

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Sessions will review all technical aspects of skating emphasizing on agility, speed, strength and stride. Strong skating skill are essential to an athletes performance on all levels of hockey. Power Skating takes time, practice and dedication to become an excellent skater

Power Skating
• Balance • Weight Transfer • Stride Lengthening
• Powerful Crossover • Explosive Acceleration • Lateral Mobility
• Tight & Explosive Turns • Quick Starts and Stops • Pivots
• Directon Changes  

Stickhandling Sessions

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Stick handling is one of the most important fundamental skills in hockey. You need good stick handling skills to play heads up hockey, to take and maintain possession of the puck, to win face-offs, to receive and make passes and to shoot the puck.All the great puck carriers, great passers and great shooters can stick handle, position and shoot or pass the puck with their head up; this requires a lot of focused repetitive training. Because stick handling is such an integral part of hockey, stick handling should be one of the first things that a player learns and practices.

Stick Handling
• Puck Protection
• Passing and Receiving Skills • Incredible Stick Handling Moves
• Increased Lateral Agility • Puck Control • Deking
• Face Offs • Dribbling • Shooting
• Quick Shots

•Stick / Eye Coordination


Off-Ice Training Sessions

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Ice hockey is an explosive and intensive sport that requires the use of complex motor skills. Along with these skills, the demands of the game require a player to be in exceptional physical shape. The Pro-Edge Off Ice training program is designed to improve a player's strength, power, agility, endurance and quickness.

Off-Ice Training
• Speed & Agility • Power • Flexibility
• Explosive Drills • Plyometrics • Proper Stretching Techniques
• Endurance • Ana Erobic Training  

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